Directory Business Events and News Script

Directory Business Events and News Script

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By reviewing our directory script, you will discover its potential for growth and expansion. Its flexible structure allows easy adaptation to different business sectors, providing versatility and scalability.

Launch your business online and offer your customers the opportunity to register their business on your site. They can also register one event or several. The script includes a rating and review system. It currently works "free" but you can make it profitable either through advertising or by integrating a PayPal code to charge for registration. This script was designed in a simple way, intended to be modified by a future operator.


- Easy to translate

- Responsive Design

- Advertising space / Adsence

- Forgot your password

- Contact form


- Update your profile: Name / Password

(You can change your email by making a request to the administrator via the contact form)

- See the list of your businesses

- Added a business

- See the lists of your events

- Added an event

- Put a rating and an opinion on a company or event page.

- Edit a business or event

- Delete a company or event


- Name

- Personalized URL (SEO-Friendly URLs)

- Choose the category

- Choose the subcategory

- Address

- Phone

- Website

- Description with personalized text

- Adding a single or multiple images


- Name

- Personalized URL (SEO-Friendly URLs)

- Choose the category

- Address

- Start date

- Start time

- End date

- End time

- Registration fees / Price

- Phone

- Website

- Description with personalized text

- Adding a single or multiple images



- Search engine

- Automatically or manually approve companies, events, comments.

- Business listings and online events

- Companies and events awaiting validation

- Added a business or event

- Edit or delete a business or event

- Change administrator email

- Change administrator password

- See all comments

- Comment awaiting validation

- Added a category for businesses

- Added a subcategory for businesses

- Added a category for events

Adding a category or subcategory with the fields below:

*Category name

*Category URL

*Personalized URL (SEO-Friendly URLs)

*Meta description

View all users

- Added a member

- Edit a member

- Delete a member

Seo parameter of the site (home page)

- Site title

- Meta tags

- Meta description


- Article management system:

- See all articles

- Edit an article

- Delete an article

- Create categories for your articles or Blog

- Fields for creating an article:

Title, Personalized URL, Meta-tag, Meta-Description, Category choice, Article description.


  • PHP 7.4X
  • Mysql
  • Shared or dedicated hosting


Our script can be installed on shared hosting without any problem!


Edit the following file: configs/config.php

Edit the following lines with your database information:

define('server','SERVER NAME'); // server default="localhost"

define('db','DATABASE NAME'); // mysql name

define('user','USER NAME'); // mysql username

define('pass','MYSQL PASS'); // mysql pass


Upload the SQL "Database" file to phpMyAdmin.


Upload all script files and folders to your FTP