DigiPlace - Multi-Vendor Digital Marketplace

DigiPlace - Multi-Vendor Digital Marketplace

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DigiPlace is a Multi-Vendor Freelancers Marketplace where users can buy or sell Digital Items and Assets made by market freelancers at prices which they are setted. Buyers have their own account which can access to their purchase code and download item.Script support Amazon S3 Storage.

Licenses Information:

Regular is for non-commercial use.

Extended is for commercial use (I.e to charge customers you need it).


Our Documentation: https://docs.zendercode.com/DigiPlace

Live Demo:

Admin Panel:

Main Features

  • Build on Core PHP
  • Full Responsive Design (Perfect view on Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones)
  • SEO Optimizated
  • Friendly URL Addresses
  • Google reCaptcha v2 Integrated
  • Full Account Management
  • Items Management
  • Item Reviews Management
  • Item Comments Management
  • Latest Items Listing
  • Featured Items Listing
  • Promoted Items Listing
  • Most Selled Items Listing
  • Most Rated Items Listing
  • Top Authors Listing
  • Best Sellers Listing
  • All Authors Listing
  • Items by Category/SubCategory Listing
  • Community Forum
  • Blog Management
  • Deposit Management
  • Supported Automatic Deposit and Payment Methods: PayPal, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Stripe, CoinPayments, CoinGate and any method can be added as manual
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Can be added any Withdrawal Method
  • Purchases & Downloads Management
  • User Personal Messages
  • User Personal Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Affiliate System
  • Statements Page
  • Account 2FA Security by Google Authenticator
  • When 2FA is enabled is required code when Login
  • When 2FA is enabled is required code when Withdraw
  • Author Tools
    • Customers List (Show to author every customer which are bought a item from him)
    • Purchase Checker (Checking a if user are buyed item by purchase code)
    • Promote Item (Author can promote item for additional payment for some period and his item will be shown of the top of all others)
    • Discount Codes (Author can create a discount codes with fixed discount amount or percentage)
    • Mass Mails (Author can create a email message to all his customers)
    • SMS Notifications (Author receive a SMS on his Mobile Number when got new sale)

Admin Features

  • Overall Statistics
  • Sales Statistics
  • Items Statistics
  • Admin Earnings Statistics
  • Admin Balance Management and Earnings History
  • Item Category and Sub Category Management
  • Custom fields based on Categories and Sub Categories
  • Items Management
  • Featured Items Management
  • Comments Management
  • Reviews Management
  • Discount Codes Management
  • Mass Mails Management
  • Promo Packages Management
  • Users Management
  • Messages Management
  • Purchases Management
  • Deposits Management
  • Withdrawals Management
  • Deposit Methods Management
  • Withdrawal Methods Management
  • Withdrawal Settings
  • Currency Settings
  • Profit Settings
  • Affiliate Settings
  • Licenses Settings
  • Upload Settings (Amazon S3 Storage or Local Storage)
  • SMS Settings (Supported Twilio and Vonage Gateways)
  • Google reCaptcha Settings
  • SMTP Settings
  • Web Settings
  • Forum Management (Categories and Posts)
  • Blog Management (Categories and Posts)
  • Custom Pages Management
  • FAQ Management (Categories and Posts


  • Shared Hosting or VPS
  • Hosting Control Panel (cPanel, VestaCP, Plesk and etc)
  • 2 GB RAM (Recommended)
  • 20 GB SDD DISK SPACE (Recommended)
  • Apache2 Web Server
  • MySQL MariaDB Server
  • PHP 8.0+ (Recommended)
  • PHP Extensions: mysqli, gmp, mcrypt, soap, curl
  • SMTP Server
  • Composer Latest Version