CreAify - ChatGPT Writing Tool

CreAify - ChatGPT Writing Tool

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CreAiFy is a SaaS ready assistant that helps you to write various text contents like SEO writeups, taking points, FAQ, Youtube description, Facebook description, cold email, blogs, articles, ads, media with 50+ preset templates using powerful Artificial Intelligence tool OPENAI ChatGPT along with power to create Images via

OPENAI DALL-E. CreAiFy has a rich admin panel that allows you to create templates, set pricing packages, see revenues, integrate payment options, and configure OPENAI accounts. CreAiFy is built on PHP Laravel, very easy to install and a perfect script to start your SAAS business within budget and short time.

CreAiFy is more than just a software - it's an AI-based solution that can create content for you. With AI writing tools, you can easily add another tool to your writing arsenal and enjoy the many benefits that come with using advanced technology to enhance your writing.

With Creaify , you'll enjoy a fully dynamic application that boasts progressive web app (PWA) features for seamless integration across multiple devices. Plus, our robust AI writing assistant is always on hand to help you write articles with ease and efficiency.


  • CreAiFy is a SaaS ready project. Once deployed on your server, users can register and purchase AI services.
  • Receive payments from users via Stripe, RazorPay, or Offline Bank once configured from the backend.
  • Create unlimited packages and set pricing for users from the admin panel.
  • Over 50 templates available for users to use.
  • CreAiFy uses OPENAI’s ChatGPT model for generating Artificial Intelligence content.
  • CreAiFy uses DALL-E for generating images inside the project.
  • Beautiful UI with a smart text editor and clean user interface.
  • Modern designed landing page.
  • Blogging options, so you can attract users by writing blogs about your project.
  • CreAiFy is a white label project, allowing you to change the project identity the way you want.
  • Fully responsive user interface.
  • Powerful and beautifully designed custom admin panel and user panel.
  • Developed with PHP 8.1 and Laravel 10.1.
  • Comes with detailed documentation and installation guide.
  • Very clean and readable code.
  • Developed with care and usability of regular users in mind.
  • Progressive web app support.


Check Server Requirements before Installing This Script

Requirements List:

  • PHP 8.1
  • MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.0+
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extensio