Cooque - Multi Restaurant Online Food Ordering Sys

Cooque - Multi Restaurant Online Food Ordering Sys



COOQUE is a Multi Restaurant/Vendor Online Food Ordering System with powerful admin, integrated with Clickatell SMS Gateway and Stripe. Search Restaurants/Food Sellers by Post Codes. SMTP integrated for swift emails. Review system and sharing system. 

Cooque has everything which your business needs and is a perfect choice for you. 

Use the Post Code 2000 on home page and click Order Now to get a list of Sellers/Restaurants. 

Admin Login:

Seller Login

Buyer Login

Use the Post Code 2000 on home page and click Order Now to get a list of Sellers/Restaurants. 


Use the Post Code 2000 on home page and click Order Now to get a list of Sellers/Restaurants. 

1. Restaurant/Seller Registration and Login

2. Buyer Registration and Login

3. SEO Optimized 

4. Option to input SEO settings for every page from admin panel like meta data, meta keywords etc. 

5. URL re-writing option

6. Post Code based Sellers/Restaurant search

7. Date, Shipping Options, Categories, Dietry Filters

8. Checkout 

9. Cart

10. Coupon Code system.

11. Sellers/Restaurants can set minimum order

12. Sellers/Restaurants can set Delivery Options like Pickup, Delivery or Both

13. Share to facebook and twitter

14. Review System for Sellers/Restaurants

15. Sellers/Restaurants select Food Categories from admin which they want to sell

16. Sellers/Restaurants can set their business timings

17. Sellers/Restaurants can add addresses/postcodes where they are willing to provide their services

18. Sellers/Restaurants can set Delivery Fee

19. Sellers/Restaurants Leading Time

20. Sellers/Restaurants can set GST

21. Sellers/Restaurants can set Dietary Requirements

22. Sellers/Restaurants can add their own Food Categories

23. Sellers/Restaurants can add Food Extras and Food Varieties in bundle with Food

24. Sellers/Restaurants can accept or reject the orders

25. Sellers/Restaurants can print invoice

26. Sellers/Restaurants can add/edit Food Items

27. Sellers/Restaurants can update their profile

28. Buyers/Users can add multiple addresses in which they want to receive food. 

29. Buyers/Users can update their profile

30. Buyers/Users can print invoice

31. Buyers/Users can see whole order history in their dashboard

32. Buyers/Users will receive an automated email with invoice when they place order

33. Sellers/Restaurants will receive an automated email with invoice when they receive order

34. Custom Pages

35. Career Page

36. Blog

37. Clickatell SMS Gateway Integrated

38. Stripe Payment Gateway Integrated

39. Email Templates

40. SMTP

Admin Panel

1. Admin is notified with total users, total sellers/restaurants

2. Admin is notified with total sales and total revenue

3. Admin can ban/unban users and sellers/restaurants

4. Admin approves sellers/restaurants accounts

5. Admin can re-write URL for every sellers/restaurants

6. Admin can do SEO settings for every sellers/restaurants

7. Admin can set Commission for every sellers/restaurants

8. Admin can make Sponsor any sellers/restaurants

9. Admin adds food categories, dietary which then can be selected by sellers/restaurants and they can add their own as well

10. Admin can see Menu from every sellers/restaurants

11. Admin can see all orders

12. Admin can create custom pages, and then can make them active and inactive

13. Admin has CMS to edit and control the page contents

14. Admin receives job applications from careers page

15. Admin Create Blog Categories and Blogs. 

16. Custom Report Option

17. SEO settings for every page and for whole website

18. Site Settings to control Payment Gateway, Social Media Links, Logo, Site Footer

19. Clickatell SMS Gateway

20. Admin can set SMS text

21. Admin can create and edit email templates

22. SMTP settings, support any SMTP

23. Admin see reviews by buyers/users to sellers/restaurants


  • Minimum PHP 5.6
  • Supported up to PHP 7.4
  • MySQL


The installation steps are in the documentation folder