Complete Responsive Content Management System

Complete Responsive Content Management System

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The complete responsive content management system (CMS) is a  software which can be used for personal or company use. It is completely responsive. It contains an admin and public panel. The admin panel is used for managing posts. Public panel is a page that will be viewed by users.


Here are some features: 

1. Admin dashboard: Which is used to manage posts

2. Add new post: To post new posts

3. Add new Ad: To post new ads

4. Categories: To create and manage post categories 

5.  Manage Admin: A page to create and manage admins

6. Manage ads: A page to manage advertisements 

7. Comments page: A page to view comments, approve and dis-approve comments and manage them 

8. Public panel: A page that will be shown to public  



1. Create a database using phpMyAdmin called "cms"

2. Import SQL file

3. Use this database connection string $ConnectingDB=mysqli_connect('localhost','root','','cms');

4. Done