Cobilo - Multi Store Delivery System

Cobilo - Multi Store Delivery System

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From Food Delivery to Stationery Delivery, Our Ready-Made Cobilo - Multi Store Delivery System Helps You Start a Instant Business That Provides Various Delivery Services to Your End-Users.

It Helps You Manage The Delivery Operations from One Place, Storing Every Single Detailing Involved in Your Delivery Business.

Admin Panel link - Click Here

User Login Link - Click Here (Create a fresh account to check all the features.)

Delivery login Link - Click Here

Store Owner Login Link - Click Here



There is no need  to set any special environment to configure Cobilo -Multi Store Delivery System . But, Cobilo can only be installed on your main domain or subdomain: For Example, "" OR "".

It CANNOT be installed in the sub-directory path of your domain. For Example, ""


Step 1:Upload main folder's file into your hosting in parent directory.

Step 2:Create a database

Step 3:Go for cobilo's setup wizard by opening

Step 4:Complete the configuration. Done!

NOTE : Tutorial Videos has been attached in documentation folder.