ChatPDF - Chat with your Documents using AI SAAS

ChatPDF - Chat with your Documents using AI SAAS

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ChatPDF is a web platform that leverages the power of AI to enable you to engage in interactive conversations with your documents. This revolutionary feature opens up a world of possibilities, enhancing communication and collaboration with various types of documents. Whether it's discussing ideas, seeking clarification, or brainstorming, ChatPDF allows for seamless and dynamic interactions with your content. Say goodbye to static documents, and say hello to a new era of document communication. Try ChatPDF today and experience a whole new way to connect with your files.


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Admin Dashboard:

User Account:

⭐ Support PayPal & Stripe Payment Gateways.

⭐ Various Document Formats support (pdf, csv, docx, xlsx, txt, json, pptx, epub).

⭐ Efficient Document Summarization.

⭐ An Engaging Interactive Chatroom, powered by OpenAI API.

⭐ Smart Chatbot technology that remembers prior conversations.

⭐ Chat History Preservation for user reference.

⭐ An Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface.

⭐ Advanced Dashboard Insights, optimized for SaaS.

⭐ SEO Optimization to enhance online presence.

⭐ A Fast, Responsive UI for seamless navigation.

⭐ Flexible Plan Management with capabilities to create, update, or delete.

⭐ A Convenient Free Trial Management system.

⭐ Easy-to-Manage Subscription options.

⭐ Efficient Page Management (e.g. Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, FAQ, ...etc).

⭐ Convenient Payment System handled through a secure Gateway Management.


Rest assured, the majority, if not all, of these PHP extensions are typically enabled by default by your hosting provider.

  • PHP version 8.1 or higher
  • Apache mod_rewrite enabled
  • CURL - PHP Extension
  • PDO - PHP Extension
  • PDO_mysql - PHP Extension
  • mbstring - PHP Extension
  • JSON - PHP Extension
  • GD - PHP Extension

API keys:

  • OpenAI key.
  • Rapid API key.


  • All the installation instructions are well-detailed in the documentation.
  • Note: The script includes a web UI installer.