Bot Mult Crypto MT For Binance

Bot Mult Crypto MT For Binance

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Robot for the Cryptocurrency market, uses binance to make trades within its portfolio. (multi-user system)

There's a simple way, you can use the strategy without needing to know how to program, just using the mode inside the robot, you can put your robot to work easily and quickly!

You can monitor and/or trade in currencies, this in several currencies at the same time, you choose the currencies, the strategies and how it will be done.

Bot Multi Crypto MT is a secure multi-user system made with different forms of security to protect you.

You can see the purchases and sales of coins without any problem, all quickly, and a very secure robot, it can be used on a VPS server or run on your own machine.

Within the robot, you can use thousands of ways for your strategies, such as different buying and selling time frames, you can use a variety of indicators such as moving averages, RSI and others, you can use more than one rule for your action and if you still have any strategy on other sites you can use the WebHook to use the strategy of other systems like tradingview and robor to do the action on top of the signal, you can create withdrawal orders also using on top of a strategy instead of buying and selling, you can schedule some automation, it has a grid strategy, everything in a simple way without having to program just using the logic in a simple way on top of the condition, it has a strategy assembly system where you configure in an organized way and even if you want you can share publicly or just for some people, and there is even BackTest where you can test your strategy with past results so you know how your strategy would react.

You can see your earnings within periods, create monitors for the currencies.

There is a separate admin panel, where you can control the system, place general settings, create limits or plans for users, create, edit or delete users, in a simple and easy way.

Inside the files it has user manual, administrator and the installation guide well explanatory and commenting on the use of the platform.

System that is always being updated and several changes, it also has an Android and/or IOS mobile application sold separately.

Its cryptocurrency automation is so easy and varied, being able to expand ways of earning and ingenuity, any questions just get in touch and need help just get in touch.


  • Automations
  • Backtest
  • WebHook
  • Copy Trader
  • Strategies
  • Monitoring of multiple currencies at the same time
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • order report
  • multi-currency monitoring
  • Automotive with its strategy without the need for programming
  • Make the strategy in minutes, no need to know programming just using the platform
  • alerts by email, sms or telegram
  • cryptocurrency withdrawal
  • log system


You can use your own computer with the environment installed or use a VPS server


Go with installation and use document