Bitcoin Escrow Service PHP Script

Bitcoin Escrow Service PHP Script



Bitcoin Escrow PHP Script is an arrangement between two parties where a third-party (in this case, script) holds payment of the funds (as script in bitcoins) required to complete a transaction. It is secure as funds are kept with the third-party until all of the terms of a transaction are met.



  • Responsive Design
  • Deposit Bitcoins trought Receive API
  • Withdrawal Bitcoins automatic or manually by admin, Users only create a request for Withdrawal
  • Transactions History and PDF Export
  • 3 Options for payee fee: Creator, Partnor or 50x50
  • Transaction Overview with actions by both sides
  • Dispute System if the transaction terms are not met.
  • Percentage and fixed fee for admin
  • Google 2FA Ready
  • User Profile Notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Accept escrow option enable/disable
  • Supported fiat currencies: EUR and USD (its used to show a value of holded bitcoins)
  • Multi-language interface
  • Account Activity Recorder (With agent, ip and location)
  • User reputation pages (positive/negative feedbacks from transactions)
  • Custom pages
  • Knowledge base
  • and many more... try demo

Admin Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Dashboard with full statistics (daily, monthly, all)
  • Admin Earnings Manager
  • Admin Withdrawals Manager
  • Users Manager
  • Banned Users Manager
  • Transactions Manager
  • Deposits History
  • Withdrawals Manager
  • Konwledge Base Manager
  • FAQ Manager
  • Custom Pages Manager
  • Multi-Language Manager (Allow you easy to translate)
  • Profit Settings
  • API Settings ( for Deposit, for automatic withdrawal)
  • SMTP Settings (for email notifications)
  • reCaptcha Settings
  • Web Settings
  • Statistics Cleaner

Online Demo

Front-end: https://demo.cryptoexchangersc...

  • User: testuser / Pass: 123456789

Back-end (Admin Panel): https://demo.cryptoexchangersc...

  • User: admin / Pass: admin


  • Blockchain API Key
  • Apache 2 Server
  • PHP 7.+ 
  • PHP Extensions: curl, gmp, mcrypt, soap, mysqli
  • MySQL DB Server


  • Upload downloaded archive to your hosting
  • Extract archive to main directory
  • Run install.php file on your browser for example:
  • Follow instructions in install wizard.