Bankware PHP Script

Bankware PHP Script



Bankware Fintech is an Digital Financial Solution developed using the a Laravel PHP Framework. Installing the Bankware Fintech Solution is easy and is achievable within 5 minutes.

With Bankware Fintech Solution, you can setup your personal financial institution in minutes and start making gains on transactions. We hope you would enjoy using



User features

  • Easy Signup/login
  • Premium Template
  • User To User bank transfer
  • Other bank transfer
  • Western Union
  • Ria Transfer
  • Money Gram TransferAccount statement
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Account setting
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Flexible Withdrawal
  • Kyc verification
  • Virtual Cards
  • Target Savings
  • Recurrent Savings
  • lots more…

Admin features

  • Page Section management
  • Interface Configuration
  • Savings management
  • Target Savings management
  • Withdrawal management
  • Loan management
  • Multiple Email Configuration
  • Multiple SMS Gateways
  • User/Admin Messages 
  • User management
  • Transfer management
  • Deposit management
  • more…


  • PHP >= 7.3+
  • Minimum Shared Hosting
  • 512MB Storage
  • File Info PHP Extension
  • GMP PHP Extension


  • Intallation & Activation
  • Upload zipped script to your server
  • Unzip the extracted script to your server
  • Create new database user
  • Create new database
  • Add the created database user to the created database
  • Visit yourURL/installer and follow the wizard to upload your Database SQL File to the server
  • 2Configure Script
  • Open app folder in unzipped field
  • Locate the .env config file in the app folder
  • Open to edit the file with any editor of choice
  • Scroll down to database config part
  • Configure database as created in step 2
  • Save file