Ball Vs Beat - Unity Game

Ball Vs Beat - Unity Game

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Ball vs Beat is an addictive and challenging game designed and created with Unity. With easily changeable ad ids you can start earning money. Try to get the highest score and collect unique musical notes to unlock new songs to play. This is the best music game.

How to play?

Tap the screen to slide the ball in and out of the line. Hit all the notes perfectly to gain collectables. Follow the rhythm and don’t miss the beat.


  • Easy level maker
  • Unity 2019
  • Various genres of music added
  • Mouse and touch controls
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Integrated Unity + Admob 
  • Score system
  • Vibration effect
  • Supports MP3 files
  • Addictive challenges designed for each song
  • Mobile optimised (Android, iOS)
  • No programming skills required


Unity 2019.4.28f1


Documentation included