AzBuzinezz - An Online Business Directory PHP

AzBuzinezz - An Online Business Directory PHP



Frontend: Home Page 

Admin Login: Admin Login URL

Features Overview

Dashboard: In the dashboard area, there are some statistics which can visualize some information like total listing, total categories, total contact message sent by user and total number of subscribers. There are also displays recently added listing and number of listings per category. Number of listings per category also shown in pie chart.

Banner: Admin can change the background image from the backend. Admin can also manage the status of the banner images from the backend. Only the active image will be set for the background image.      

Listing: You can list down all of your businesses according to their categories with all the details pointing on the maps. There are some predefined categories provided as default.   

  • Hotels         
  • Restaurents         
  • Stores         
  • Stationaries         
  • Electronics         
  • Others       

In the details visitor can see the Business name, location details, contact details, opening time and the place on the map where they located. There is also an option Send Message by which visitors can contact the business owner. You can visit the details of the business from the listing. Also update those information and also delete. N.B. Only the business with active status will be visible to the visitors.

Visitors can search on the site according to their needs. They can search with the text, with location as well as with the categories. Also they have the option of viewing all listing of a single category

Listing Messages: Listing detail it is possible to contact the listing owner via the contact form. The inquiry is sent to the listing owner and saved in the database and also accessible from the admin area.    

Listing Categories: There is a category manager for listing which is the parent and sub category system. Each category can be managed by active and inactive status.

Roles & Permissions: Here you can see all of roles and their permissions. And you can do following things from here: 

  • View all roles             
  • View individual roles             
  • Edit role and permissions             
  • Delete individual role         

Users: Here you can see all of the users. And you can do following things from here:                     

  • View all users             
  • View individual user             
  • Edit user info, role, status etc             
  • Delete individual user and etc.         

You can add to the system manually from users with appropriate permissions.       

Pages: From admin area, dynamic page can be added. Which will be add in header and footer quick link area in frontend.

Subscribers: Visitor can subscribe by there mail to get latest update of listing. And from backend it can manageable.

Contact Messages: If visitor wish to contact the admin or company then visitor can send message to fill form information. Admin can manage or company can manage those.       

FAQs: Frontend side FAQs also can manage.    

Settings: System basic information and configuration can manage from settings section. There is four type information you can update. 1. Company Details 2. General Settings 3. Email Settings and 4. Social Links                      

  • From Company Details company name, email, address, phone, short description and Google Map API key be manage             
  • In General Settings company logo, company favicon can update.             
  • Email Setting - Email driver, host, port, from address, from name, encription, username and password can update.       
  • Frontend social media name, url and icon can update from Social Link setting area.