Asset Management Application - PHP Scripts

Asset Management Application - PHP Scripts



Asset Management App is a tool that has a function to manage company assets. We build Asset Management App using Laravel Framework and MySQL as a data record (database).

Asset Management App can manage and track your company asset. We are focused to build better asset tracking and prevent losses and damage.


  • Dashboard
  • Supplier Management
  • License Management
  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Locations
  • Statuses
  • Assets Management
  • Put asset to many locations
  • Assets History
  • Report Asset by Value
  • Report Asset by Location
  • Report Asset by Specific Location
  • Sending Message to Another User
  • User Permissions
  • User Roles
  • Team Management
  • User Management
  • Setting Company Profile


Web Server Service Requirements

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • NPM
  • Composer


For instruction, you can visit https://asset-management-1.git...